Terms and conditions

By using the app Xerinae (hereinafter "app" or "service") you agree to the following conditions:
§ 1 – Usage
You confirm that you own the rights of any uploaded images, videos or audio material and do not infringe any copyrights. Activities and objects or substances that are illegal in your country may not be shared with others.
§ 2 – Usage
Modification, copying, publishing and reengineering the app's code, even in parts, is prohibited. You may not use the APIs without the app.
§ 3 – Expected behavior
We expect from every app's user, a friendly attitude towards any other user. Spamming, bullying, offensive language of any kinds are not allowed and tolerated. Users are appealed to report unwanted behavior.
§ 4 – Actions that will lead to a ban
• Uploading content that shows you or others get harmed
• Publishing content that is offensive (racism, offensive language, …)
• Recording or requesting to record child pornography
• Sending explicit content unbidden or to people that are underage
• Intrusive behavior, spamming and scamming
§ 5 – Telemetry
You agree that your actions (viewed streams, users clicked at, search queries, …), any imagery, your text (in chat, content description and commentary) will be analyzed by our AIs to predict the most relevant content to you. The AIs will also check for any illegal or unwanted actions or content; that may lead to an automatic, but temporary, ban. If this occurs, our support team will investigate this case as fast as possible.
§ 6 – Violation
Violating against any of these conditions may lead to a permanent ban from this app.